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STARK provides building materials and services for professional builders and home renovators who want professional service.

Our national network of 27 stores, 24/7 online store, sales services and distribution depots serve our customers all over Finland, regardless of time and place. We strive to provide ready and available service for our customers while ensuring timely transport using the appropriate transport equipment.  In the largest growth centers, builders can enjoy STARK’s Nonstop 24/7 service. STARK Rent, located at our service points operating in connection with our building materials stores, provides machine rental service for builders in growth centers. 

Together with our customers and partners, we want to build a better tomorrow. Our professionals have served Finnish builders for more than 150 years. Our professionals help our customers find the right solutions for their situation. We develop our builders’ service, range of building products and service solutions to best benefit our builder customers, from logistics to carefully selected building materials. We are proud of our customers’ success and feel that we play an important part in it.

STARK – fairly and squarely on the builder's side

We are a fair and reliable partner for every builder who does their work with passion and uncompromising professional pride. In Finland, there are approximately 1,100 of us, and our national network of 27 stores, four distribution depots and online stores serve our customers regardless of time and place.

Our revenue for the 2021 financial year was EUR 612 million, and our market share is nearly 20%.  STARK has strong historical ties with Finland, but thanks to our being part of the largest construction-sector enterprise in the Nordic countries, STARK Group, our resources are not restricted to Finland. As a large enterprise, we are able to create added value for our Finnish customers.


Contact information

Telephone: +358 93 541 3000  

E-mail: firstname.familyname@stark-suomi.fi


Stark Suomi Oy, Olarinluoma 15, FIN-02200 ESPOO

Chain Management Support Functions
Ahjokatu 4 FIN-15800 LAHTI

Metropolitan Area Distribution Depot HUB Helsinki

Lyhtytie 1, FIN-00750 HELSINKI

Satu Otala, Head of Communications, tel. +358 44 475 7483
Malla Palmén, Communications Manager,  tel. +358 (0)44 475 3017


President and CEO

Harri Päiväniemi


Katja Laurila


Seppo Hakanen


Markku Valtee, Director Customer Segments and Solution selling

Kalle Tuokko, Sales Director, Industrial sales (IATOD)

Jari Rissanen, Sales Director, B2B
Timo Mäyrämäki Sales Director Rautanet chain

Janne Uosukainen, Key Account Manager for the Rautanet chain


Commercial Director
Jarmo Salmi

Head of Sustainability

Anne Koskinen

Digital Marketing Manager
Anna Vanhala



Malla Palmén

Sourcing Director
Jari Tuomikoski

Sourcing Managers
Seppo Kouvonen
Pasi Nylander
Jari Mäkinen
Jussi Salmi
Okko Tonteri
Kati Reinikka
Category Managers
Pia Flink
Tomas Berghäll

Janne Riilas
Karin Lammi
Mervi Kuula

Esa Pärssinen

Assortment Manager

Laura Sareva

Kari Wahlman, Logistics Director
Jari Hertman, Manager Central Warehouse Operations
Tero Likonen, Manager Helsinki HUB


Iiris Pullinen, Finance Manager
Mika Kauppi, Credit Manager

Information management

Päivi Savolainen

Human Resources
Riikka Tarkiainen, HR Director
Maria-Susanna Wirkkala, HR Business Partner
Ari Isosalo, Chief Shop Steward