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STARK – professional in service - strong since 1868

STARK is a reliable and accomplished building materials supplier chain. STARK combines special timber and building products with its long-term expertise of the construction sector in Finland. We take pleasure in serving professionals  - and consumers professionally.

STARK serves its customers in Finland through a network of 27 stores, and via its online store.  Our product range is geared towards serving professionals in construction and industry, as well as in new development, renovation and repair projects. For us, a broad product range spells availability; all products required in construction are available on the shelves of the store or in its customer pick-up yard.


As we want to offer our customers environmentally friendly products and services, we pay special attention to the origin and quality of our solutions. In all our operations, we commit ourselves to responsible practices. STARKGroup recognizes the following key themes in its corporate responsibility strategy: health and safety, environment, people, responsible business and communality. These themes support STARK’s business strategy. In procurement policies, we favor suppliers that offer certified products and services with known environmental impacts.


STARK has strong historical ties with Finland, but thanks to our being part of the largest construction-sector enterprise in the Nordic countries, STARK Group  our resources are not restricted to domestic know-how. STARK revenue in 2017 amounted to EUR 588 million, with the headcount being approximately 1,000. In the next few years, our objective is to become stronger than our competitors, and also the most sought-after partner for professionals in the construction business.


Year 2018 we celebrate our 150th anniversary - "Strong since 1868"​

Contact information

Telephone: +358 93 541 3000  



DT Finland Oy, Vänrikinkuja 2, FIN-02600 ESPOO

Chain Management Support Functions
Helsingintie 50, FIN-15100 LAHTI

Metropolitan Area Distribution Depot HUB Helsinki

DT Finland Oy, Lyhtytie 1, FIN-00750 HELSINKI

Communications Manager
Malla Palmén, tel. +358 (0)44 475 3017


President and CEO

Harri Päiväniemi

Executive Assistant
Emmi Vähäsöyrinki


Atte Ailio

Commercial Director
Jari Tuomikoski


Markku Valtee, Head of Sales and Operations

Jouni Kontkanen, Sales Director, Industrial sales

Jari Rissanen, Sales Director, B2B
Timo Mäyrämäki Sales Director Rautanet chain

Janne Uosukainen, Key Account Manager for the Rautanet chain


Marketing Director
Jarmo Salmi
Communications Manager
Malla Palmén

Sourcing Director
Kari Wahlman

Sourcing Managers
Seppo Kouvonen
Pasi Nylander
Jari Mäkinen
Jyrki Pakkanen
Kalle Tuokko
Category Director
Anne Koskinen

Category Managers
Pia Flink
Mervi Kuula Villeroy & Boch

Ismo Orjala

Lauri Toivanen

Assortment Manager
Laura Sareva

Business Development Director

Lasse Kalmi
Jari Hertman, Manager Central Warehouse Operations
Tero Likonen, Manager Helsinki HUB


Finance and IT
Iiris Pullinen, Finance Manager
Petteri Mantere, ICT Manager
Mika Kauppi, Credit Manager

Human Resources
Riikka Tarkiainen, HR Director
Soili Männikkö, HR Manager
Ari Isosalo, Chief Shop Steward